Understanding the M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan Legal Case

A riveting dispute between M3M India Pvt. Ltd. and Manorma Chauhan has taken the real estate domain by storm! Get a deep dive into the case details and understand the clash of causes leading to this legal duel. #RealEstateDispute #M3MvsChauhan #LegalBattle

Understanding the M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan Legal Case
Understanding the M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan Legal Case

In the realm of legal battles surrounding real estate matters, one case stands out prominently - M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan and another, recorded as Appeal No. 344 of 2023. This case has garnered significant attention due to the issues raised by the appellant, M3M India Pvt. Ltd., against the respondent-allottee, Manorma Chauhan. The appeal challenges the order allowing the amendment in the complaint filed by Chauhan, seeking compensation in addition to the refund of the amount paid. This article aims to delve into the details of the case, exploring its key points and the implications it holds for legal professionals and individuals interested in the real estate domain.


The protagonists in this legal tussle are M3M India Pvt. Ltd., a prominent real estate developer, and Manorma Chauhan, an allottee with vested interests. The dispute originated from Chauhan's initial complaint, where she sought a refund of the amount paid for a property from M3M India Pvt. Ltd. As the situation escalated, authorities came into play, and the case eventually found its way to Appeal No. 344 of 2023. To understand the current proceedings, we must first retrace the steps and timeline of events that led to this point.

Cause of Action

In the legal context, "cause of action" holds paramount importance as it lays the foundation for any lawsuit. In the M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan case, two distinct causes of action are evident - the refund claim and the claim for compensation. While the refund claim centers around the amount paid by Chauhan for the property, the compensation claim seeks redress for additional damages incurred. Delineating between these two causes of action becomes crucial for a fair and just resolution.

Amendment Controversy

The appellant's lawyer vehemently contested the allowed amendment, raising eyebrows over its impact on the case. Under Order 6 Rule 17 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the principles governing amendments aim to strike a balance between fairness and the presentation of new facts. The appellant argued that the amendment altered the entire complexion of the complaint, potentially leading to unfavorable consequences. Understanding the relevance of this contention and its implications is vital to grasp the nuances of the ongoing legal battle.

Adjudicating Officer's Ruling

The Adjudicating Officer's ruling played a pivotal role in shaping the course of the case. The officer justified allowing the amendment by differentiating the heads on which Chauhan sought compensation, asserting that they were separate from the initial refund claim. This decision offered the respondent, M3M India Pvt. Ltd., the opportunity to respond to the amended complaint. The significance of providing equal opportunities for both parties to present their arguments and evidence cannot be understated.

The allowed amendment carries potential legal implications that could impact the overall nature and complexity of the case. Understanding these implications requires a careful examination of legal precedents and cases with similarities. By referencing such examples, legal professionals and enthusiasts can gain deeper insights into the ramifications of the current proceedings.

Role of Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal

The Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal plays a crucial role in handling appeals like this one. Comprising the Chairman and other members, the tribunal holds the responsibility of ensuring a fair and unbiased judgment. Any recent updates or changes in the tribunal's functioning could add further dimensions to the case.

Case Disposition and Future Proceedings

The tribunal's decision to dispose of the present appeal paves the way for further proceedings. The Adjudicating Officer will now carefully consider the pleadings, objections, and evidence presented by both parties before reaching a final decision. Upholding the principles of justice and adhering to the law will be critical in reaching a just resolution.


In conclusion, the M3M India Pvt. Ltd. vs. Manorma Chauhan legal case stands as a significant milestone in the real estate domain. The dispute revolving around the refund claim and the claim for compensation has captured the attention of legal professionals and real estate enthusiasts alike. As the case progresses, a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved becomes paramount for all stakeholders. The ruling of the Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal will shape the future proceedings, leaving a lasting impact on similar disputes to come.

Note: The information provided in this article about Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA) is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal or professional advice and readers should consult qualified professionals for advice specific to their circumstances. The information provided in this article is based on the Appeal No.344 of 2023 before the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority

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