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Meet AryaBot

by reunion

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Our AI-enabled data bot for Real Estate

AryaBot tracks the internet for Real Estate related information and brings it all together to your fingertips

Real Estate Project Tracker

AryaBot can send you WhatsApp notifications for legal, sales, construction, technical updates for your Real Estate Projects

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New Project Tracker

AryaBot can send you WhatsApp notifications for new Real Estate Projects in your area. No app installations ! No credit card required !

AryaBot can help


to identify new business opportunities and threats. Keep yourselves updates with latest updates on your Real Estate Projects

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Upcoming features

AryaBot is getting better daily and is tracking more information every day

Advanced filters

Receive WhatsApp alerts for advanced criteria filters such as newly approved projects with '2BHK in Worli with less than 35 floors'


Track & identify legal risks and take action to protect your property investments


Built with a vision to serve the entire ecosystem, AryaBot is learning your preferred language for communication.

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